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The Missing Peace

The Collaborative designed educational materials available online and in print to coincide with a multi-media art exhibition. The exhibition brings together 88 respected artists representing 30 countries whose mission is to shift the world's attention towards peace.

Missing Peace

Flight Path

Flight Path is an outdoor timeline. It celebrates the achievement of flight from the Wright Brothers’ first flight in 1903 to human’s journey into space beginning less than 60 years later.

A path is about taking steps, and this one brings to life some of the important people and the technologies that have made flight a reality.

The exhibit is approximately 200 feet, a little longer than the Orville Wright’s first 12-second flight.

Please feel free to put your feet where Wilbur ran alongside the wooden rail that launched the first plane.

Further down the path, steps appear again—those of Neil Armstrong on the moon.

Please note to the direction of Armstrong’s footsteps, they are pointing forward into the future.

Just beyond Armstrong’s footsteps are two banners: one says “Your Name Here” and the other “Your Idea Here”. The message is that the remarkable human adventure of flight is happening right now and you and your ideas are most welcome.

Flight Path Exhibit