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Education Collaborative was begun by Joseph Brevard and Edward Shoucair, two MIT-trained “Visioneers” and owners of a nationwide planning and communications consulting firm. Building on the firm’s experience producing Emmy Award winning educational programs, the two established the Education Collaborative as a “Research and Development Laboratory” to explore and produce new and exciting educational programs that capture the imaginations of young people.

A unique strength of Education Collaborative is that it provides a welcoming workplace for teams of innovators from various industries to engage in conversations about the future of learning. This consortium approach is essential to break new ground in the field of education, which stands to benefit from collaborations among such industries as information technology, entertainment, marketing, and advertising.

Education Collaborative is a 501c3 with offices in Boston and San Francisco.

Current Project Profile

The Convergence Café

The Education Collaborative presented a series of Convergence Café evenings that provided an opportunity for dialog with an exceptional audience. The Convergence Café was held at the NASA Conference Center at NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, which was also last summer's host to the International Space University and Singularity University. The audience for the Convergence Café included the students, faculty and staff of both Universities as well as members of NASA and guests from other Silicon Valley organizations.

Each Convergence Café was two hours long and small groups were engaged to creatively address the future of humanity. Participants were given the opportunity to explore ideas and consider new possibilities. There was no cost to participate.